Company announcement: Anti-counterfeiting stamp changes

Aligned with The One Furniture Trading and Manufacturing Company limited’s rebranding plans, we hereby announce changes made to our current anti-counterfeiting stamps on products as follow:

Old stamp

New stamp






    1. Recognizing details

  • Stamp size: 35mm (W) x 25mm (H)
  • Controlled and managed by product code and a series of 8 digit numbers.
  • Tracking product origin by a QR code linked directly to specific product lines on The One Furniture’s official website.

     2. Guide to identify authentic stamps

     2.1 When under UV lights:

- Under UV lights, company’s logo will glow into a bright red colour.

- At the same time, text “Tem chống hàng giả” will also glow into a light blue colour.


Original stamp


Under UV Light



     2.2. When scanning QR code:

Customers can use application with integrated QR scanning feature such as Zalo, Viber, Icheck, Facebook, etc. to gain access to The One Furniture’s official website to verify product’s origin. Application used to scan QR code will automatically be linked to a specific category on our website ( corresponding with each product.


(Scanning QR code on anti-counterfeiting stamps will direct to TOF’s official website

With recognizing signs to identify authentic The One Furniture’s products, customers can track product’s origin when in doubt.

In case you notice either anything different on anti-counterfeiting stamps from above information or signs of counterfeits, please kindly contact The One Furniture at hotline number: 024 3555 8888/ext. 555



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