Emergence of "Green trend" in the furniture industry

Using green materials in production and packaging processes is gradually becoming an inevitable trend in environmental protection globally. At leading enterprises like Hoa Phat Furniture, when thousands of products are consumed every day, the problem of minimizing waste to the environment becomes more urgent than ever.



According to estimates by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), every year 130,000 km2 of the world's forests are lost due to deforestation, of which 30% of the forest area is used for the production of timber and non-commercial products. timber, trade in forest products. This poses the challenge of finding durable alternatives to natural wood products, which are popular in Southeast Asian markets like Vietnam.

Accordingly, large furniture enterprises - leading the market share of office products such as Hoa Phat Furniture posed the problem of minimizing natural materials in production & minimizing plastic materials in packaging, in order to reduce harmful emissions of air pollution, water pollution to the environment. These are the steps that Hoa Phat Furniture pays special attention to, researches, improves, and applies the right roadmap set out in recent years in leading the industry in protecting the living environment.

According to experts from Hoa Phat Furniture, minimizing natural materials with environmentally friendly materials is widely applied in public works, apartment buildings ... is high quality industrial wood materials. , which is strictly controlled for the concentration of formaldehyde in interior products, providing absolute safety for indoor air, ensuring quality and satisfaction in design for users.




Along with the development of high-quality industrial wood products, minimizing plastic materials in packaging is also concerned by Hoa Phat Furniture. Accordingly, chair products made from PVC and DP materials such as SL meeting chairs, staff chairs, SB bar chairs, folding chairs, MC chairs... some leather chairs, high-back and mid-back leadership chairs will do not use nylon but are packed directly with paper packaging according to the standards of Hoa Phat Furniture. It is predicted that this action to reduce plastic in packaging will help the environment reduce the amount of plastic waste by up to millions of bags each year.

For other products, priority has been given to finding & using plastic replacement materials in packaging that Hoa Phat Furniture has deployed for many years, in which PE foam materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable. , used for many purposes at the factory will be used to wrap large-sized high-class leather chair products such as Chinese reclining chairs, leather sofas. It is estimated that millions of chairs with changed packaging will benefit from the recycling of these PE foam films, through reuse at the factory and through the agent of Hoa Phat Furniture. .



(Corner sofa SF132)

The green trend in the furniture manufacturing industry is gradually becoming a trend, when the goal of business development is associated with the task of environmental protection, especially in the context of developing countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, and Myanmar. produces millions of tons of packaging every day. Therefore, large enterprises in the manufacturing industry in general and the furniture industry in particular must plan a sustainable development strategy, not only economic but also protect the living environment including: water, air, land This is also a development direction that Hoa Phat Furniture is particularly interested in developing in the future, towards a clean green environment.

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