Hoa Phat Furniture announced to change the brand name to The One Furniture

On January 5, 2022, Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company officially announced the decision to change the brand into The One Furniture. Along with the new identity, the brand also plans strategic changes to grow continuously in the future.


New logo of Hoa Phat Furniture - The One Furniture

After nearly 3 decades, Hoa Phat Furniture has become the leading brand in the field of office furniture in Vietnam. The company has been developing 6 main furniture categories: Office - Construction - School - Medical - Household - Family, supplying millions of products to the market every year, building a strong bond between the "national" furniture brand and many generations of Vietnamese consumers.

With the goal of continuing to strengthen its pioneering position in the domestic market and reaching out to the world, the company decided to change its brand name to The One Furniture with a change in vision and new development strategy.

The One is understood to mean number one and also the leader. The One expresses the will, spirit of solidarity, internal consensus and harmony with partners on the journey to create a better living and working space for Vietnamese people. In addition, The One brand always affirms its mission to conquer new heights by trying to strengthen its pioneer position in the furniture industry, constantly innovating to improve product quality and service for customers. .

In the future, The One Furniture will continue to promote the strengths, advantages of resources, technology and scale of Hoa Phat Furniture such as: modern factory, high quality products, experienced personnel , efficient operation process; from there, providing innovative solutions and designs for the benefit of the community.


The One Furniture continues to promote the good core values ​​of Hoa Phat Furniture

Along with the name change, the new brand also brings a youthful appearance, with modern and creative design lines through brand identity set which is inspired by the image of a shining lighthouse. Also in 2022, The One Furniture will pilot the "Standard Store" model, bringing modern designs, optimizing display space to showrooms as well as providing a friendly experience for customers.


Illustration of The One Furniture Dealer store inspired by the new identity

Renamed to The One Furniture, the brand is committed to continuing to carry out the mission of "pioneering to create convenient and modern living and working spaces", providing interior products with good quality, affordable prices. reasonable to contribute to improve the value of life for Vietnamese people. In addition, the company also focuses on building a professional working environment and maintaining training activities for employees, while continuing to strengthen and develop a wide distribution system to best meet the needs of consumers.

The board of directors of The One Furniture affirms that it will continue to maintain the motto "Taking customers as the center, respecting partners and accompanying agents", promoting the good core values ​​that have previously made the name of Hoa Phat: Creativity - Aspiration - Enthusiasm - Care. Besides the current export markets such as the US, Korea, Japan, Middle East countries, Asean, The One Furniture also sets a challenge to conquer new markets in the future.

The brand transformation of Hoa Phat Furniture into The One Furniture and launched a new identity is the right strategy, affirming the solid strides as well as the constant efforts of innovation of the brand.

In the first phase, The One Furniture Trading and Manufacturing Joint Stock Company will simultaneously maintain the old identity of Hoa Phat Furniture and the new identity of The One Furniture on labels, product packaging, department stores management... The conversion will take place from January 2022.

For more information about The One Furniture brand, please visit Website: www.hoaphat.com or noithattheone.vn

To learn more about conversions, please visit the landing page: chuyendoi.noithattheone.vn

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