Standards for building green offices

Green offices have been a favorite trend in recent years, when the weather is becoming more and more extreme with a series of hot and sunny days. This trend is quickly prioritized when designing and building offices in Vietnam. For more clarity, let's find out more standards with Hoa Phat Furniture for building green offices.


What is a green office?

Currently, the trend of designing - installing green offices is being developed and expanded. An office is considered green when it meets the standards of efficient use of resources, advanced architecture, identity and comfort level of occupants. In particular, the comfort level of the interior system is very focused in the stages of design, construction and use.


Construction standards

Focusing on the comfort level of the interior system in building green offices, modern offices often give preference to furniture products from big brands such as Hoa Phat Furniture. Here, popular product lines such as Royal or Unique of Hoa Phat Furniture are prioritized for selection by a series of smart and modern features suitable for the specific architecture of the design office. With industrial wood material combined with powder-coated steel in positions such as legs, bibs, desk drawers ... creating modern and healthy, strong materials and designs, Hoa Phat Furniture's products at the same time focus on product functions to increase the comfortable and comfortable experience when using.




Besides the comfort factor, modern architecture, the identity in office construction is also focused. To meet this demand, most of Hoa Phat Furniture's products are carefully researched to support architects to complete the design. This is also the strength of Hoa Phat Furniture when providing a variety of synchronous products, from desks and chairs to managers, employees with working modules, creating a complete, modern and professional architecture for the office. This easily creates an open space to enhance the green space, and at the same time helps architects make the most of natural light in the design, in order to reduce energy consumption and make efficient use of resources. 



Adapting the criteria in building a green office furniture system, Hoa Phat Furniture is proud to be the leading office furniture brand in Vietnam, with a variety of outstanding products manufactured in the system of the most modern factory in the region with quality management standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015. Currently, Hoa Phat Furniture provides Manufacturing - Installation services on request, ensuring product quality throughout from design to construction and installation.

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