Launching a program to support employees facing difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic

Right after Directive 16 was announced to apply to 19 southern provinces and cities, along with the outbreak of covid in a series of industrial parks in Binh Duong & Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Phat Furniture quickly launched a support campaign making donations to support officials and employees who are facing difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic.


With the desire to stabilize life and peace of mind for employees of Hoa Phat Furniture, who are implementing the "Three-on-spot" plan of the People's Committee of Binh Duong province and the branch in Ho Chi Minh City, right on the day of receiving the directive, Hoa Phat Furniture quickly launched the establishment of a fund "Victory against Covid", receiving support and contributions from employees to join hands to share difficulties with other employees in epidemic areas.


On the first day of launching, the fund "Victory against Covid" received strong attention and support with a cash amount of more than 260 million VND from the Board of Directors and employees of offices/branches and factories. Ms. Do Thi Hoa – Deputy Director of Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company shared: “The sharing, responsibility and sympathy of each Hoa Phat Furniture staff for the colleagues in the epidemic area is important, which is most essential reason for the establishment of r the "Victory of Covid" Fund. Hoa Phat Furniture prioritizes maintaining production activities at the branch, in order to stabilize the life and income for the majority of employees in the epidemic area. For cases requiring treatment at medical facilities, the company has a support policy according to state regulations. At the same time, the company quickly prepared gifts for employees who had difficulties during the Covid-19 pandemic.”

z2622495656636-17abae0654f33ca1aa6dd74881373020(Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company actively organizes a quick covid test for employees)


At the Binh Duong branch, nearly 300 employees are seriously implementing the "Three-on-spot" plan, including "production on the spot - eating on the spot - staying on the spot", in order to supply necessary products for customers during the epidemic season, such as 1-storey and 2-storey beds for field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces. In June - July 2021, Hoa Phat Furniture has supplied to the market nearly 4000 field beds, serving the peak epidemic prevention work.


With the cooperation and consensus of Hoa Phat Furniture's employees, and seriously implementing the direction of all levels and sectors in disease prevention, it is hoped that the Covid-19 epidemic situation across the country will have a good positive improvement in the future.

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