Hoa Phat Furniture received the appellation of High Quality Vietnamese Goods 2020-2021

On June 9 in Hanoi, Vietnam High Quality Goods Business Association (VHQGBA) organized the program "Restarting business after Covid & Vietnam High Quality Goods (VHQG) Certification Ceremony 2020 - 2021" for businesses that meet the standards. This is the traditional award of Hoa Phat Furniture JSC when it has been voted by consumers for many years in a row.


With the theme: "Restarting business after the Covid pandemic", the certification ceremony provided the latest updates for businesses on changes, consumer psychology and behavior after the Covid pandemic. The survey was undertaken in over 3 months with with 120 interviewers nationwide, 40 regional managers and supervisors conducted direct interviews, 12,699 households, 2,564 selling points in provinces/cities belonging to key economic centers of 04 economic regions (North, Central, Southeast and Southwest) and collected nearly 2,000 responses from consumers.


In particular, Hoa Phat Furniture JSC is proud to be one of only two enterprises in the Wood Furniture industry that consumers love to vote for the appellation of VHQG 2020-2021. Continuously receiving the title of VHQG for many years has proved the strong production capacity, product quality and the trust of Hoa Phat Furniture brand of the majority of consumers.



(Mr. Pham Huy Viet – Deputy General Director of Hoa Phat Furniture JSC received the certificate of VHQGBA 2020)


In particular, 2020 marks the strong development of Hoa Phat Furniture JSC after more than 25 years of establishment, research and development, continuous dedication to consumers with beautiful and durable furniture products, bearing the imprint and color of pure Vietnamese furniture products, deeply engaged to consumers' subconscious with Hoa Phat Furniture brand. Mr. Pham Huy Viet - Deputy Director of Hoa Phat Furniture Joint Stock Company, the representative attending the certification ceremony said: "The title of VHQG voted by consumers for many years has contributed to proving the relentless efforts of Hoa Phat Furniture for many years, including the unified development of production capacity, product quality, and practical actions of Hoa Phat to support provinces/cities in the fight against the recent Covid pandemic”.




The VHQG title is a prestigious title based on consumer votes, annually organized by the VHQG Business Association with a series of strict criteria to ensure the quality of products of participating enterprises. This year, the VHQG 2020 certifications and logos will be valid until the end of 2021. The next vote will be implemented at the end of 2021 and announced in early 2022.


Receiving the title of VHQG for many consecutive years has become a proud tradition of Hoa Phat Furniture, contributing to promoting the spirit of creativity, relentless efforts to continue to dedicate pure interior products in Vietnam to the world market.

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